CNC 5axis Rotary Tilting Tables ACU Series





Table diameter mm Φ150
Table center Height mm 255
Datum hole mm Φ35H7
Through-hole mm Φ25H7
T-slot on table mm 12H7
Datum positioning key mm 14H7
Allowable work-piece load kg 40
Allowable cutting torque kg-m 12
Servo motor (Option) FANUC α iF2 Motor interface
□ 90
α iF4 Motor interface
□ 130
β iS2 β iS8
Mitsubishi HF-KP43 □ 60 HF-104 □130
Siemens 1FK7034 □ 172 1FK7060 □126
Total reduction ratio -- 1/48 1/60
Maximum rpm rpm 83 66
Clamp power source -- Pneumatic Pneumatic
Clamp pressure kg / cm² 8 8
Clamp torque kg-m 6 24
Index accuracy sec 20 15 (-30°~+120°)
Repetition accuracy sec 8 4
Product weight kg 175

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